Better way to search Malaysian government
Why exists?

We need a place to easily search for information within the Malaysian Government. We couldn't find one, so we built one.

Of course, we could have just google it up, but that requires too much effort. And, searching from the Government Agency's website will only work if we know which agency to search in, in the first place.

Which sites does it search?

Currently it searches all domains ending with

Who built

The idea spawned during a coffee session (typical, we know) between Arzumy of Codelovr and of

The bulk of the work is done by Google. We are using the free version of Google Custom Search Engine. We will invest in a commercial grade Google Site Search which offers better flexibility when and as needed.


An awesome site is useless if no one knows about it. If you think this site is awesome, here's what you can do to help:

  • Use it. Use it often. The more searches made, the smarter it will be.
    We will boost the result with useful links, not just relevant links.
  • Tell your friends about it. Share on Facebook, tweet about it or just email them.
  • Tell someone who you know working in the government.
  • Email this to your local ADUN.